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Online Catalog

STEC Inc. is world leader in the mass flow control industry, including liquid mass flow controllers and monitoring, and point of use liquid vaporization

Fitok - Fittings and valves
Fitok's fittings and valves are made of stainless steel and brass and are available at very competitive prices.

Techno Fittings s.r.l. distributes Fujikin's products, the mark is a world leader in the production of valves and fittings for fluid and gas.

Jun-Air compressors
The quiet JUN-AIR compressors are designed for a countless number of uses and can be found in laboratories, dental clinics, medical and industrial applications worldwide.

Greene Tweed
Techno Fittings distributes the Greene Tweed mark, the worldwide leader in sealing solutions, composite materials, fibre optic connectors, thermoplastic materials and more.

Stainless steel Sandvik's Tubes
Stainless steel tubes with external diameters from 1/16" (1,59 mm) to 1/2" (12,7 mm)

Market leader in Heating Technologies in all the industrial fields. Dedicated to delivering products and services that fulfill the diversifying needs of its customers from traditional industries to leading-edge sectors.

Pressure gauges and Thermometers
The product line include manometers, thermometers for pressure and temperature control

Flow meters for industrial applications
The catalog mainly includes instruments as flowmeters and flow switches for fluids (liquid or gas) that are applied within the plants pipe lines or directly on the machine. Furthermore, there are components and systems for measuring (indicators) and controlling (switches) liquid levels in stock tanks.

Vacuum fittings
The main product lines of vacuum fittings are available: Pneurop KF, neurop ISO-K, Conflat CF.

Techno Fittings products

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