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Computer Services
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Control unit for Mass Flow Controller - ROD series

ROD units allows to manage mass flow controllers and meters.

The ROD Units are digital instrument with double display, for controlling mass flow controllers working with voltage signals (0 - 5 Volts). The two displays give the possibility of monitoring simultaneosly both reading and setpoint values. Value representation, which can be customised, can be displayed in absolute value or as a percentage of full scale. An embedded window alarm subroutine is available in order to halt process with the ROD inner relay. The presence of a RS-485 serial communication port allows the user to have a full control over the instrument from host PC. Safe mode operation allow user to stop process or keep the process working in case of power fault.

Datasheet ROD1

Datasheet ROD2

Datasheet ROD4

Rod Control Software
(Rod Control Software Screenshot)

Available models are: Rod1MB, Rod2MB, Rod4MB with 1, 2 and 4 channels.


Technical Informations
- Analogue input: 0-5 Volts
- Analogue output: 0-5 Volts
- Power supply for MFC: + 15 V, -15 V
- Resolution of reading/setpoint: 12 bit
- Relay output: 250 V / 5 A max
- Serial link: half duplex RS-485 standard, 9600 baud
- Primary power supply: 230 (115) Vac, 50/60 Hz +/- 10%; 20 VA

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