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Company ISO 9001 certified

Certification number: 75176272157

Italian VAT no: IT 03745691000
D200 Criterion Series

Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module
High stability Mass Flow Module- Gas flow control is unaffected by upstream and downstream pressure fluctuations.
Differential Pressure Detection PI Mass Flow Module CRITERION D200 series

•Compact gas panel with wide range flow rate control


  • Latest cutting-edge differential pressure detection available first in the market.
  • Compact gas line -wide range compact gas panel. (No need for pressure sensor, regulator and filter.)
  • Control flow rate from low to high. (Wide range)
  • High accuracy from 3D mapping.
  • Improve process yield - supply the standard flow rate to semiconductor process.

Wide Range Ability

Wide Range Ability
Control wide range flow rate more than 300 times turn down capability.

Gas panel flow diagram

Gas panel flow diagram

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