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Certification number: 75176272157

Italian VAT no: IT 03745691000
Fujikin products
Distribuzione dei prodotti Fujikin in Italia Distribuzione dei prodotti Fujikin in Italia

Techno Fittings s.r.l. distributes Fujikin's products, the mark is a world leader in the production of valves and fittings for fluid and gas.

Fujikin's valves are indispensable for all activities that needs a very high purity, dead-space free and full according with all major types of valve available on the market. The products lines are the optimal solution for semiconductors and all particular applicattions of fluid control with advanced technologies.


- Fittings

- F900 Series - High purity compression fittings
- UJR Series - High purity face seal fittings
- AW Series - UJL High purity auto weld fittings
- IGS with w-seal series - Ultra high purity fittings

- Valves

- Mega Series Pneumatic valves - UHP diaphragm valves
- Mega Series Pneumatic valves - UHP bellows valves
- IGS with w-seal valves - Ultra high purity integrated valves

For more information please visit the Fujikin web site

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