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Computer Services
ISO 9001 © Techno Fittings S.r.l.

Company ISO 9001 certified

Certification number: 75176272157

Italian VAT no: IT 03745691000
Development and realizations of hardware and software systems
Progettazione e Realizzazione di sistemi Hardware e Software

The technology innovation is an important factor for a smart and fast company grow, Techno Fittings have a long history of success in the developement of hardware and software systems.

The service is comprensive of:

-An immediate telephone consulence to discuss about the problem to solve and all possible solutions.

-A detailed proposal solution will be sent from our technical staff with all the details: costs, technologies etc..

Successive phases are:

-System development

-Prototype realization

-Prototype tests

-Production and shipment of the product.

We uses the latests technologies available for our projects.

Hardware side: Embedded boards Windows / Linux with or without FPGA, microcontrollers etc..

Software side: Programming languages: C, C++, Python, Java, Microsoft C# .NET, PHP, AJAX and more.

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