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HoribaStec products
Techno Fittings distributes STEC's product lines. STEC is global leader for mass flow controllers, mass flow meters and gases systems control.

As the world's largest manufacturer of mass flow controllers and meters, STEC has provided state-of-the-art products needed in today's demanding markets. STEC product series include basic analog MFCs, ultra-clean, metal seal MFCs, digital MFCs, and now DeviceNet MFCs. Most models utilize the time-proven piezo control valve, which gives superior performance and reliability for critical manufacturing control of gases.


Analog MFCs
Analog Gas Mass Flow Controllers

Digital MFCs
Digital Gas Mass Flow Controllers

Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module
High stability Mass Flow Modules

Liquid Flow and Vaporization
Liquid flows and vaporizations

Associated products
Residual gas analyzers, pressure regulators ..

Power supply and control unit (setpoint / reading) for mass flow controllers.

HoribaSTEC Brochure

For more information about mass flow controllers please read the mass flow controller theory guide.

Don't hesitate to contact Us for any information request about horibastec products.

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