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Computer Services
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Reser Services
Riparazioni tramite reser
Riparazioni tramite reser

RESER is specialized in the repair and maintenance of all parts and components used in the semiconductor industry. Reser has the professionalism and can provide a second cycle of life for all components.

Techno Fittings offers repair and maintenance in collaboration with the Reser company.

Robot Refurbishment Program
RESER’s philosophy regarding robot refurbishment is that the performance of a robot after repair should meet the performance of the robot at the time it was new. For most moving parts this means that they need to be replaced for new. The complete robot assembly typically needs to be refurbished every 5 years. Refurbishment of the Genmark robot is offered in two options. For the ASM box one option is offered. Details of the different packages are described in the sections:
- Refurbishment Genmark Robot
- Refurbishment ASM Robot Box
RESER recommends for all robot set-ups the standard option. For robots longer then 5-10 years in operation, the best option is to be discussed.

For more informations see the Robot Refurbishment Program pdf

Maintenance Leak Check Adapter
Today’s critical process requirements for semiconductor equipment require complex mechanics inside the different components of semiconductor equipment. For example rotational doorplates in vertical furnaces. To verify if such rotation doorplate is leak tight before starting installation of the doorplate in the equipment, RESER developed an adapter to test the doorplate, which can be connected to the standard leak test equipment in your facility. The flange to the leak test equipment can be made according to customer specifications. The adapter can be delivered for all sizes doorplates, and is standard available for 200mm and 300 mm equipment. The adapter can be used to leak test the rotational mechanism in the center of the doorplate and possible leakage due to a scratch in the O-ring gap surrounding the doorplate.

For more informations see the Maintenance Leak Check Adapter pdf

Maintenance Control Box
During maintenance or operation of the system, situations can occur in which an outside power supply has to be used to control the different movements in the system. RESER designed a control box which can be used to control the following modules of the furnace system:
• Reactor elevator
• Robot Z2-axis
An example of a situation when an external power supply has to be used is when the boat rotation assembly fails and the boat is in the reactor. Due to various safety interlocks, only usage of external control can override the system safeties. The current situation is that the 24V power supply must be connected directly to the motor and brake. As the user needs all his attention for connecting the supply correctly to the system, unsafe situations can occur due to lack of attention. With the control box control of the system becomes simple and straightforward, so that the user can focus on safe working procedures. The RESER control box is placed in between an 24V power supply and the elevator system (or the robot Z2-axis motor). The control box can operate the elevator motor and brake and allows you to operate the system simple and safely. Also switches to change the polarity of the system are implemented. The connectors of the control box are made fit for connection to the furnace system.

With the unit, the customer will receive a procedure which describes the purpose of the unit, how it should be operated and which pre-cautions have to be taken. If required, RESER can deliver a compatible 24V power supply with the unit to provide the user with a complete maintenance kit.

NOTE: The control box can be used by trained personnel only.

For more informations see the Maintenance Control Box pdf

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