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Fluid seal SP series


In many cases it is no possible to use a pressure gauges directly on the process; in these cases it is necessary to place a system between the pressurised fluid and the pressure gauge that can transmit the pressure to be measured to the gauge keeping, the gauge isolated from the process fluid.
These systems are called "seals" formed by a flessible diaphragm clamped between two rigid plates; one side of the diaphragm is in contact with the fluid of process while the other one with a neutral liquid completely filling the sensing element og the gauges.
The distortion of the diaphragm caused by changes in the pressure of the process is then transmitted to the filling liquid and therefore to the gauge.


Coupling of the gauge direct or through a capillary for a remote mounting(max. lenght 8 meters).
diaphragm in ss AISI 316L, ss AISI 316L PTFE covered, or - on demand - in special materials (Hastelloy,titanium,...): available also ss AISI 304 bellows.

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