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ISO 9001 © Techno Fittings S.r.l.

Company ISO 9001 certified

Certification number: 75176272157

Italian VAT no: IT 03745691000

Techno Fittings S.r.l. is leading distributor of fluid handling, measurement, process heating and control products for a wide range of high purity and industrial process applications.

Techno Fittings represents brand leading manufacturers, offering comprehensive solutions to the process industries: semiconductor, petrochem , bio-pharmaceutical, , power generation , oil and gas, food processing, and more.

Techno Fittings, established in 1989, has had a dynamic-growing following industrial market evolution and new demands from customers. We can provide a suite of commercial services, including: R&D of customized hardware and software, online e-commerce solutions, EDI order processing, consignment and vendor managed inventory programs, specialized inventory management, order expediting and other procurement solutions.

Today, thanks to the expanded presence in the territory, Techno Fittings is a total solutions supplier, offering products, services, and engineering support. Our commitment is to understand and exceed the expectations of our valued customers, while delivering high quality product, services, and solutions to their most demanding requirements. Our technical knowledge combined with our market experience produces the ability to offer you qualified support for choosing appropriate components and solutions for your needs, saving time and money

Our mission is to provide high quality services and to give support to our customers in choosing the best materials and technologies available on the market.

Contact Techno Fittings to schedule training seminars addressing the technical considerations and design factors involved in process control systems relating to the managed products.

For more information about our products we suggest to see our Online catalog otherwise for a detailed description of our services we invite to visit the services page.

For any information don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you so much to dedicate your attention to our activities.

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