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Union Cross

Part Number Description Quantity in Stock
SS-C-FL2 316SS Union Cross, 1/8" OD
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SS-C-FL3 316SS Union Cross, 3/16" OD
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SS-C-FL4 316SS Union Cross, 1/4" OD
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SS-C-FL5 316SS Union Cross, 5/16" OD
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SS-C-FL6 316SS Union Cross, 3/8" OD
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SS-C-FL8 316SS Union Cross, 1/2" OD
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SS-C-FL10 316SS Union Cross, 5/8" OD
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SS-C-FL12 316SS Union Cross, 3/4" OD
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SS-C-FL14 316SS Union Cross, 7/8" OD Contact Us
SS-C-FL16 316SS Union Cross, 1" OD
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B-C-FL2 Brass Union Cross, 1/8" OD Contact Us
B-C-FL3 Brass Union Cross, 3/16" OD Contact Us
B-C-FL4 Brass Union Cross, 1/4" OD Contact Us
B-C-FL5 Brass Union Cross, 5/16" OD Contact Us
B-C-FL6 Brass Union Cross, 3/8" OD Contact Us
B-C-FL8 Brass Union Cross, 1/2" OD Contact Us
B-C-FL10 Brass Union Cross, 5/8" OD Contact Us
B-C-FL12 Brass Union Cross, 3/4" OD Contact Us
B-C-FL14 Brass Union Cross, 7/8" OD Contact Us
B-C-FL16 Brass Union Cross, 1" OD Contact Us

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