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Fujikin - F900
Fujikin Mega Series

The Fujikin F900 series are high-performance, high quality tube fittings. They are produced by making full use of design know-how and manufacturing technology Fujikin has accumulated throughout the years as an experienced precision fitting manufacturer.

Brochure Fujikin F900

The F900 series are flareless type precision tube fittings that effectively create connections without the need for thread cutting or tube flaring. The fundamental design consists of four stainless steel components: body, front ferrule, back ferrule and nut.

Cap Union  Caps

Connectors Connectors

Crosses     Crosses

Elbows    Elbows

Ferrules    Ferrules

Plugs    Plugs

Port Connectors Port Connectors

Nuts         Nuts

Reducers Reducers

Tees       Tees

Tube Adapters      Tube Adapters

Unions  Unions

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