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Fujikin - IGS Series
Fujikin Mega Series

IGS with W-seal series

Fujikinís W-Seal interface offers superior performance where reliability and safety are needed most in UHP process gas delivery systems.

Brochure Fujikin IGS Series

Made of 316L stainless steel, the W-Seal has a proven track record of providing leak-free connections in weldless gas lines in real-world applications.

A very low torque is required to form a leak-free seal. Under test conditions, we have achieved a leak rate of 2.9 x 10^15 Acc/sec. This level of reliability is required as the industry moves from welded to weldless gas systems.

To further ensure the safety of these weldless systems, the W-Seal gasket now comes with a Guide ring. This device adds an additional level of protection against scratches to the sealing surface of the gasket

Only the W-Seal offers the robust performance, repeatability and proven reliability making it the logical choice as an industry standard. †

Why choose the Fujikin W-Seal and IGS?
-100% Top-Mounting
-Reduced Number of Sealing Points
-Highly Configurable
-Only One W-Seal Gasket Type Require

Fujikinís base block design allows top access to all components and substrates. Clamping tools and through bolts are not required to assemble an Integrated Gas System (IGS) based on this design so maintenance time is greatly reduced. The number of sealing points is lowered by utilizing a V-shaped flow path through the substrate. Components can be easily removed and repositioned as system layouts are altered. While other substrate manufacturers require several types of gaskets for component or side mount connections, the Fujikin design uses only one type of W-Seal gasket, thus simplifying assembly and maintenance, and reducing inventory.

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