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Fujikin - Valvole Pneumatiche Serie Mega
Fujikin Mega Series

The MEGA Series Diaphragm Valves set the industry standard for performance, reliability and economy in sanitary and ultra high purity processes. These pneumatically-actuated or manually operated valves are designed with direct diaphragm construction that offers superior sealing performance and remarkable durability in a compact package, while being particle-free and dead-space free.

Ultra High Purity Applications
MEGA Valves are ideal for a wide range of applications in semiconductor manufacturing or other equipment and facilities requiring ultra-pure production in a hazardous environment with flammable or toxic fluid lines. No matter the gas or fluid application, there is a MEGA Valve for the job including:
High pressure, Low pressure, High temperature (up to 300C), Compact size (as small as 41-x-95 mm), Low profile (50.5 mm)


 MEGA ONE - LA Series MEGA ONE - LA Series Low pressure valves
MEGA ONE - LA Series MEGA MINI - LA Series Low Pressure compact valves
 MEGA ONE - LA Series MEGA MINI - HA Series High pressure compact valves

Configurations and Options
The versatile MEGA Valve can be specified in many configurations and with many different options or accessories, including: PCTFE or PI seat materials Hastelloy C-22 bodies Inner surface treatments High-pressure certification Block valve Dual-flow valve Proximity sensor Limit switch Various handle colors Lock-out tags

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