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Computer Services
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Azienda certificata ISO 9001

Numero certificato: 75176272157

Part I.V.A. / Cod. fisc: IT 03745691000
MI Series

Liquid Source Vaporization Control System

The compact point of use vaporizer, can be used to replace bubbler technology especially for vacuum coating applications.

Datasheet MI Series

The MI / MV mixing injector system from HORIBASTEC efficiently vaporizes and accurately controls the delivery of liquid based materials to the process.

The MI / MV replaces older bubbler technology, which inherently has stability problems caused by variations in temperature and pressure.

System Configuration Example
HORIBASTEC's MI measures the flow rate by mass using a high performance liquid mass flow meter (LFM) and the liquid source is vaporized by the MI. Simultaneously, the flow measurement signal from the LFM is routed to the MI, optimising control. The SEC series mass flow controller controls the introduction of the carrier gas to the MI. This system is capable of vaporization of liquid sources and vaporization into normal pressure environments.




Generating flow rate
(Liquid phase)

Max. 10 g/min
(Affected by liquid material, temperature, back pressure and carrier gas flow rate. Please contact +44 1604 542 600 to discuss your requirements).

Inlet pressure

0.1 to 3.0Mpa (G)

Liquid type

TEOS etc.

Heating temperature

Max 150C

Leak rate

External leak less than 1*10-8 Pa m3/s (He)
Valve leak less than 1*10-6 Pa m3/s (He)

Liquid / Gas wetted parts


Internal heater capacity

AC 100V 70W (35W *2)

Temperature sensor

Thermocouple K type


Liquid inlet 1/8" VCR male
Gas inlet 1/4" VCR female
Outlet 1/4" VCR male

Pressure resistance

1.0 MPa (Gauge)


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