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VC Series

The VC series of vaporization controller from HORIBASTEC can vaporize liquid sources quickly and efficiently. With conventional buffer-type systems (bubbler or baking systems), the vapor flow rate is easily affected by changes in temperature and pressure. The vapor controller measures the liquid source according to its mass flow rate, resulting in much more reliable vaporization that is totally unaffected by temperature or pressure.

Datasheet VC Series

The VC-1310 and VC-1410 can be used in conjunction with either a liquid mass flow meter or a high temperature mass flow meter and can be used in a number of applications including , LPCVD, SACVD, CVD, plasma coating, SiO2 thin film, silicon nitride, H2O water vaporisation for fuel cells, etc. Key features.

  • Stable, accurate control of liquid sources.

  • High vapor flow is possible, TEOS 1slm
  • Compact size (similar to a mass flow controller), much smaller than conventional baking or bubbler systems, allowing for simple integration into system design, especially within the Semiconductor industry where space is at a premium.
  • Stable in any orientation.
  • Easy to maintain.

Used with a mass flow meter.

Used with a high temperature mass flow meter.

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