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LSC Series

  • Liquid Vaporization System

  • Stable, Accurate Control of High Temperature Process Vapor

  • Non-Carrier Gas Model

  • The Best Selling Baking System

The LSC series is a lineup of liquid material gasification systems for materials such as TEOS, a popular series with a history of proven performance. The LSC-A100 is the newest model in the series, and is capable of generating high flow rates. As with previous models, the new LSC-A100 provides stable gasification of liquid materials without using a carrier gas. Furthermore, the compact LSC-A100 also provides high flow rate gasification.

Specification                      Datasheet LSC Series

LSC-A100 series
Flow rate generated
H2O 2SLM, TEOS 600 SCCM (Max.)
Operating pressure
Max. 1.33kPa
Source tank volume
Heat regulation method
PID control by the heat regulator
Liquid surface detection method
Floating switch
Internal mass flow controller
SEC-8400 series
Air pressure valve
Bellows type
Materials in liquid connection and gas contact area
Operating Temperature
20 to 35C
External input
Air pressure valve open/close, mass flow controller flow rate setting signal (0 to 5 V DC/0 to 100% F.S.), emergency stop signal, auto zero signal (option)
External output
Temperature alarm, liquid level H.H. alarm, liquid level signal (H, M, L), READY signal, mass flow controller flow rate output signal ((0 to 5 V DC/0 to 100% F.S.), thermoregulated bath internal fan stop alarm, valve voltage monitor (option)
Power source
AC 100 V, single phase 50/60 Hz, 1.5 kVA
Auto-recharge system: Can be connected to LU series.

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