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HORIBASTECs SEC-Z500 series multi gas / multi range mass flow controller has been developed to reduce the number of mass flow controllers required to cover the range of flows and gases used in todays Semiconductor Processes.

Datasheet SEC-Z500

Advantage of SEC-Z500

  • High Performance with 32 bit CPU
  • Multi Range / Multi Gas
  • Only 6 mass flow controllers needed to cover the range 30SCCM to 10SLM
  • Ultra Quick Response
  • Quick responding at any set point
  • Easy to configure on at point and time of use
  • Dramatically reduce the stock
  • Compatible to conventional analog MFC
  • Simultaneous communication on Analog / Digital

Technology for Multi Range / Multi Gas
Mass Flow Controllers

  • Wide range controllable piezo valve
    (0.5% up to 100% FS)
  • High Reliability Sensor
  • High performance CPU
    (Calculation Point and Multi Gas PID)
  • Actual Gas Flow Data


The SEC-Z500 Original (factory set) Full Scale can be re-ranged anywhere between 25% and 100%FS.

For example: SEC-Z500 Type "4"

  N2 1000SCCM Control Range 20 to 1000SCCM

Change into 25% FS

N2 250SCCM Control Range 5 to 250SCCM

Control range after changing FS remains 2 to 100% FS.


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